The stream is mere inches deep right now, with the detritus of wasteful living exposed.

There Were Dry Red Days by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

There were dry red days
Devoid of clouds
Devoid of breeze
Sound bruised
My burning bones
Dirt cracked my hands
And caked my cheeks
No buds on limbs of trees
No birds on branches
No hope of rain
Scrawny chickens
Kicked up dust
Scratching for food
That wasn’t there
In the stifling, stillness
Of the scorched night
We dreamt
Of cool oases
Tropical isles
Emerald bays
Not these dry red days


I suppose that I should probably get the post written that I have been planning for oh…. a week now.  Photos shot last weekend for this particular post, and for that matter, photos being shot constantly for the posts that never get posted.  I could use the excuse that it has been a busy week – on vacation with camping, beach time and a day in Detroit to watch the Tigers – but there has been plenty of time in between to take care a post, so we’ll just call it what it is:  L.A.Z.Y.  Anyway, on to my post–

It is dry here.  I am sure it is dry everywhere in the States, with the exception of Duluth, MN and Florida.  We are in the midst of a drought here in the corn belt. Our streams and ponds are drying up, marsh lands are turning into grass lands and lake levels are at record lows and the temps are at record highs – 102 f here today with heat indexes in the 110 f area.  The irrigation sprinklers are watering the fields of corn, soy and other sundry crops.  Looking at the irrigated fields, green with healthy looking plants, someone not native to the area might not think we are as arid as we really are.  I just took a 25 mile drive and saw over 60 sprinklers dousing the fields.  We are praying for rain…

Irrigation: The savior of the corn you like to enjoy….

Kind of eerie looking – that would be the edit I used.




4 thoughts on “Saturday

    • It seems strange to have so much heat to us, Pablo. Usually it never gets this hot for this long – and added to the heat is a lot of humidity so it feels very sauna like outside. We have had a cool front come through tonight and it is finally below 80 after the sun has gone down – 79 f! I think, even though it is quite late, that I am going to take a short drive with my car windows down just to enjoy the rarity of this cool air!

  1. We need rain too, but thank goodness it finally cooled off. Great images. 🙂

    I thought I was still subscribed to your blog, but it appears not so I subscribed again.

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