How remiss of me!

Strangely enough, when I tried to find something “blank” to photograph, my mind started to whirl with possibilities. Then a feast presented itself to my eyes.

I received a reminder tonight of what a lazy, neglectful blogger I have become.  Oh, I have the more than occasional flights of fancy and pure inspiration that I have sincere, deeply sincere, intentions of posting, but they just skip merrily down that path to Hell where most MOSTLY good intentions go.  So now I sit here with my mind completely blank.  “You must be brain-dead!  How can a mind be truly and completely blank,” you say, but alas, my mind really is blank in between the words that my fingers are struggling to type.

Let me tell you how blank I am tonight:  As I have been sitting here struggling to think of something, ANYTHING, to write, at one point I asked my lovely son to let the dog in from outside.  Keep in mind that the dog is very loud on our wood floors, click clacking and sliding around, my son is very loud, elephant stepping across the floor, the doggy gate does not shut quietly in my son’s hands and the doggy biscuit does not clatter ever so quietly across the floor.  I stared quite intently at the air, thinking of nothing at all and when I roused myself from my reverie, I asked my lovely son if he had, in fact, let the dog in.  He pointed at her, sitting quite nicely on her princess pillow, doggy treat all but gone.  Blank.

Thinking really shouldn’t be this hard…..

And once more, an utter blank when presented with all of the wondrous possibilities of a ‘caption box.’ It turns out that seeing is far easier than actually thinking. Who knew?


15 thoughts on “How remiss of me!

    • Writer’s block is a way of life with me, Anne. I have decided that it is probably wise if I just stick with a photograph and write around that instead of trying to write something and photographing around it. And now I am off to read your link!

  1. It is that moment, when you want to write, you feel like writing, but the mind isn’t there.

    We all understand. =) part of life of a blogger.

    • I find myself, at this moment, wishing that I had set up my 365 on Blogger instead of WordPress, but that would have made me miss a couple of friendships here that have made my life richer. It all works out the way it is supposed to, doesn’t it, Kimi?

  2. Yes I think it does. I just have all my old blog friends, including you…bookmarked. One way or another, we will stay together! 🙂

    • The sad thing about all of this is that I come up with these great post ideas as I am waiting to fall asleep, tell myself that I am going to “write that tomorrow” and when tomorrow comes have completely forgotten what that great idea was!

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