Most Illogical.

Fascinating, Spock… How many of these houses of worship have you seen today?

Mr. Spock: Dr. Cooper! Dr. Cooper!
Sheldon Cooper: Is someone there?
Mr. Spock: Down here, on your desk.
Sheldon Cooper: Spock?
Mr. Spock: I need to speak with you.
Sheldon Cooper: Fascinating! The only logical explanation is that, this is a dream.
Mr. Spock: It is not the only logical explanation. For example, you could be hallucinating after being hit on the head by say, a coconut.
Sheldon Cooper: Was I hit on the head by a coconut?
Mr. Spock: I’m not going to dignify that with a response. Now, to the matter at hand, you need to play with the transporter toy.
Sheldon Cooper: Yes, but it’s mint in box.
Mr. Spock: Yes, and to open it would destroy its value. But remember like me, you also have a human-half.
Sheldon Cooper: Well I’m not going to dignify that with a response.
Mr. Spock: Consider this. What is the purpose of a toy?
Sheldon Cooper: To be played with.
Mr. Spock: Therefore, to not play with it would be?
Sheldon Cooper: Illogical. Oh, damn it Spock you’re right! I’ll do it!
Mr. Spock: Sheldon, wait. You have to wake up first.
Sheldon Cooper: Oh, of course. Set phasers to dumb, right?


On Vulcan, this water source would be much redder….

Wondering where I am going with this?  I have been pondering this blog post for weeks, even months.  This post almost became a project and soon you will understand why.

I count things.  I am not talking about counting train cars to pass the time while I am stopped at a railroad crossing.  I Count Things.  While I am driving.  It isn’t enough to pay attention to my gauges, my speed, the traffic around me.  I have to count as well.  Illogical.

This looks nothing like the Vulcan IDIC pendant… How many must we correct?

“What can you possibly be counting, Cyndi?”
I have counted in the past:  Horses; Buicks; Fords; Chevies; Ford Taurus cars; yellow cars; Volkswagen Bugs; red, white and blue vehicles (in that order); Chevy Blazers; radio towers; day time running lamps on cars; people wearing sunglasses; accent lighting in yards; people driving while talking on cell phones; birds on telephone wires; actual birds; people outside; reflectors; reflective surfaces; dots on mailboxes; skid marks on the road; Amish buggies; vans; US flags; purple flowers; orange flowers; white flowers; yellow flowers; red maples; sport’s cars; two door cars; ugly cars; funky colored cars; Cadillacs; convertibles; dogs; cats; corn fields; soy bean fields; tractors; airplane trails in the sky; lightning flashes; moths in my headlights at night; critters out at night; irrigation sprinklers sprinkling; irrigation sprinklers not sprinkling; irrigation system lights; propane tanks; police cars; travel trailers; semi trucks; license plates from different states; children outside; different shapes; letter A’s, different types of birds; different types of animals; deer; different types of trees; different shades of green; how many different things I see; school buses; wooden barns; for sales signs; empty houses; utility trucks; garage sales; signs in general; neon signs; gas stations; churches; fences; lights on in houses at night; televisions on in houses at night; porch lights; door bell lights; red lights on utility boxes in Indiana; women driving pick-up trucks; gazing balls; swimming pools; bad roofs; mercury lights; water sources like rivers, swamps, lake and the such; asparagus; Christmas lights; car headlights at night; white cars; purple cars; green cars; people running; motorcycles; bicycles; bonfires at night; cars and trucks with hauling trailers; people mowing; birds singing; roadkill; trash on the side of the road; burn barrels; monogram letters on houses; brick houses; stop lights; seconds while waiting at stop lights; cars that go by as I wait at intersections…  Illogical.

This shape. This Shape. Ahhh…. Kolinahr.

And guess what?  I have had up to 6 counts going at once.  While I am driving.  All by myself.  Illogical.

Curious…. Multi-hued soybean fields and a strange metal machine. I find this most illogical.

I quit counting a few weeks ago.  I made a concentrated effort to stop counting.  Oh, I find myself craning my head to the right or left every so often, noticing that there are Twelve Horses standing there waiting to be counted, a Buick in a driveway screaming, “Look at me!  Look at me!” and the occasional bird on a wire practically taunting me, “Count.  Count.  Count.  You know you want to.”  Illogical.

“Madness has no purpose or reason but it may have a goal.”

I could have started another 365 photo project with everything I count.  That list up there?  It is nowhere complete….  Most Illogical.


6 thoughts on “Most Illogical.

  1. Illogical and a bit OCD, but that’s okay. Quirks are what make us human and different and we all have them. Proceed with counting human. 😉

  2. I count things when I’m on an airplane. I have a fear of flying and counting is somehow soothing, although it has to be done a certain way so the plane won’t crash. Most illogical.

    Good for you on refraining from counting. 🙂

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