Skin Deep

  • Ziggy

    ~Can I see where you live on Google Street View?
    Here’s mine x
    *imagine Ziggy’s address here*

  • cyndi

    We are still too “rural” to have Street View, but you can try it!
    *imagine address here*
    I love your street view!!! xo

  • Monday
  • Ziggy

    Wow… I can’t believe there are places, the size of your town, in the States that don’t have street view! I assumed the Google would have covered America really well before doing the rest of the world. Your streets are so much wider than ours and the houses have such a “decent” distant between them x Steve and I are looking for a new place to rent, would love for it to be more…… not on top of everyone else…. than this place x

    PS, the house you see in the street view is actually 3 flats. Two downstairs and ours upstairs!

  • Monday
  • Ziggy

    I’ve just had a look at the general area that you are situated in. Wow… it’s no wonder a vast majority of Americans never feel the need to leave the country to explore. Your country is so unbelievably VAST! You have dozens and dozens of incredible places to go just within 200 miles of your house. I’m envious x


This conversation between Ziggy and I concluded with me going outside with my trusty camera and snapping 5 shots then photo-merging them to give her a nice street view of my neighborhood.

No, Google has not found us yet…  You, however, can find me just under the red arrow!

What it does not show is the meth house on the other side of the home across from mine, the homes going up for sale because of the meth house, the house just down the road abandoned by the family whose children were not allowed to walk  300 feet to the bus top because it involved passing the meth house.  It does not show the endless stream of people coming to and from the meth house from late morning until the wee early morning hours, the people coming in the dead of night to steal the gasoline from our cars, the strangers walking from door to door asking for ‘real cold cash.’

My street looks like any other street in any other nice neighborhood in small town America.  And those other small towns harbor nasty little secrets like the one nestled between two nice houses on my street.

“Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.”


8 thoughts on “Skin Deep

  1. Interesting! It looks like a street from a movie – I was thinking of the street from “Big”. I can never imagine living somewhere so quiet or open – we live on a busy road with cars zooming up and down all day and night. Everywhere is so overcrowded here. I hate that.

    • We are terribly spoiled by all of this space. When I looked at Ziggy’s street view, I was struck by the beauty of the architecture and by how close everything was. We have shortages of farmland in some areas these days, because people buy up the land so that they can have huge unused yards for their McMansions. Mine is skimpy in comparison!

      • I don’t have a yard, ha, I seem to have a “Bike Park” though… Just enough room for our 4 motorcycles and a car. This is “shared” parking, but the other two residents don’t have vehicles so we utilise it the max x

  2. Very sad commentary on the problems in our society today. Your street looks so “normal American.” I noticed in one of your comments that you mention how there is a shortage of land due to the folks in the McMansions taking up vast swaths of land that they don’t use. We have neighbors like that, with HUGE lawns that they spend time mowing over and over and over. I want to go over and shout at them to plant a couple of trees, grow some food, do SOMETHING other than grow grass, spray it with chemicals to keep out the “weeds,” and mow, mow, mow. They might enjoy it more if they would let some of the grass and weeds grow. We feed a lot of wildlife in our meadows. They make homes in the woods and meadows, too.

    • I think my street is actually becoming more “normal American” than most people would like to believe. It is endemic to small towns now, the meth problem. Read the book Methland by Nick Reding, and you will see just how normal it has become. It is not a normal I like…

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