The Devil Made Me Do It……

Oh, dear….  It looks as though I have done it again.  I couldn’t say no.  I have no will.  I have committed to another 365 day photo journey with a friend.  And what is worse?  I suggested it!  AND I set up a Facebook page so that other people can join in.  So, two days later, I have 365 days with assigned themes, and each of those themes is within a loose weekly theme.  There are 12 jpg calendars with the daily themes, for sharing or whatever and I am sitting here wondering what is wrong with my head?  Sheesh!

When will I ever learn?!?


4 thoughts on “The Devil Made Me Do It……

    • Surprisingly, so am I! I thought I would never do one of these again! At least this time, the year is completely planned out in advance and it is (mostly) keeping me close to home. As of 5 minutes ago, I have 49 people signed on to do this with me – we’ll see how many more join the page before the 1st of the year!

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