Day 7 – Two

Day 7 - Two

Two Seconds To Sadness by
Ian Sy Magistrado
what is life
without inspiration
what inspires inspiration

what is love
without laughter
what is laughter
without rain

what is there to smile about
when everything else seems to pour down

love is life
love is laughter
in the pouring rain


At the last minute, I have it edited, however I made it to the blog moments too late.  sigh


5 thoughts on “Day 7 – Two

  1. Let me just correct the second to the last line of the poem… it should be “love is LAUGHTER” not laugher. – thank you for putting my poem in your site. where did you get the poem, by the way?

    • Ian, I found it at and found it so hauntingly beautiful. I am in awe of those of you who can put the feelings into words in a way that I just can not. I looked and could find no other work of yours and oh, how I would love to read more! You are a rare talent.

      • Hi Cyndi, you’re the only person in this world that commented it was a hauntingly beautiful poem. Now my heart is full. thank you so much, wished i could get a medal or something here. but i know it won’t happen.

      • “My Other Life”

        my other life
        is like a painted dream
        of brittle stars and moonbeams
        constellating a silent face
        beyond this time and space
        with summer showers and rain
        ever changing and never the same
        my other life
        lives inside my dream
        as if everything looks real
        there’s a unique feel
        when i move around
        love is lost and found
        like dust on pleasure ground
        my other life
        is almost a mess
        i have left pieces worlwide
        i couldn’t care less
        please take me to the other side

        — here’s another poem for you Cyndi “the bookchick’ for your consideration.

      • Your poetry is beyond words. I would be so honored to use this next poem with a photo post. I have been terribly remiss in my postings here on WordPress of late, something I need to remedy. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. You deserve gold medals for your writing.

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