Day 28 – What is ON Your Refrigerator?

Cubed or crushed?

Cubed or crushed?

Oh my goodness!  I am having so much fun with these daily themes I have dreamed up!  Each day, I get the pleasure of looking at dozens of fabulous and fun photos posted by everyone else doing the assignment with me, and they are sometimes poignant, sometimes far out of the box, sometimes achingly beautiful and sometimes just plain fun – I am amazed at how so many people can see and think of the same thing in so many different ways.  And it is so exciting to watch some of them as their eyes open to the world around them, as they realize that there are so many ways to SEE, as they strive to push their own creativity buttons.

And now, I get to look at how everyone sees his or her respective fridge!  Ta ta for now!


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