self-evident half truths

i wasn’t whole

i wasn’t unstarted

i was half-way

sometimes things happen, and people come into your life, ever so briefly, like a match struck and out as quickly.  those people, brief though they are in your life, help to put the broken pieces together, and go on their way.  i am happy, no, thankful, for those people.  remembered with some fondness, grateful for what they left behind.

i recently slipped my chains.

i am more than half-way

i am almost all of the way there

Krider Gardens February 20, 2017

Fruit Don’t Fall Far

From Daddy sprung my inborn ribaldry.
His crudeness destined me to be the same.
A seedlet, flowered from a shitty heap,
I came, the crowning glory of his aim.
From Mother I inherited ennui,
The leg irons of the queendom I once rattled.
But I won’t let such chains imprison me.
And there is just no telling what this brat’ll…!
This marriage thing? We snub our nose at it.
What’s pearl turns piss, what’s classy breeds what’s smutty.
But like it? Lump it? Neither’s exigent.
And I’m the end result of all that fucking.
Do what you will! This world’s your oyster, Pet.
But be forewarned. The sea might drown you yet.

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