February 3 – Something on the Floor.

Day 34 - Something on the Floor
We spent the day in Battle Creek, MI at the M66 Bowl watching Michael and the other Sturgis Trojan bowlers in a tournament. Good news: we made it there and back on very snowy roads. Good news: I got a neat shot of the floors at the bowling alley by putting my camera on my camera bag and using my timer to get a 3 second exposure. Great news: Michael got 8th place and our JV team took 7 of the top 10 spots! Proud mama!

Day 8 – Three

The tricks of my wonderful son's trade - three bowling balls.

The tricks of my wonderful son’s trade – three bowling balls.

Three Balls by Carl Sandburg

JABOWSKY’S place is on a side street and only the rain washes the dusty three balls.
When I passed the window a month ago, there rested in proud isolation:
A family bible with hasps of brass twisted off, a wooden clock with pendulum gone,
And a porcelain crucifix with the glaze nicked where the left elbow of Jesus is represented.
I passed to-day and they were all there, resting in proud isolation, the clock and the crucifix saying no more and no less than before, and a yellow cat sleeping in a patch of sun alongside the family bible with the hasps off.
Only the rain washes the dusty three balls in front of Jabowsky’s place on a side street.
It has been a trying night full of drama and whatnot.  I am ready for some sleep and for a promise of a new day and no girl teen superiority and angst.  Ack!!!!