Day Four – White

blanc, valge, shiro, biały, branco, blanco, gwyn.  White,

blanc, valge, shiro, biały, branco, blanco, gwyn. White,

This was in the White of the Year — by Emily Dickinson

This was in the White of the Year —
That — was in the Green —
Drifts were as difficult then to think
As Daisies now to be seen —

Looking back is best that is left
Or if it be — before —
Retrospection is Prospect’s half,
Sometimes, almost more.

Who knew it would be so difficult to find something white to photograph today?  Perhaps if I had been able to shoot earlier in the day, during the bright light time, it would have been easier, but then I wouldn’t have gotten my bills paid on time!

Winter is Coming

I suppose that it is time for me to post a bit of something.  My last post was quite the downer – makes me sigh just to read it.  So enough of the doom and gloom and what do we have?


All we need is a bit of snow to make this perfect!

No, these are not last year’s photos; I shot them this yesterday and the day before in my dear old friend, Shipshewana.  The town lit up for the holidays this past Saturday – when you are a tourist trap and you rely on tourist $$ to survive, you light up early!  I missed the Twinkle Parade because I had to endure an evening of drivel, and by that I mean a night at the library watching over the gaggle of teens and tweens who were in turn watching the Twilight Saga Marathon I cobbled together.  Thank the Good Lord that I didn’t actually have to watch the movies – I babysat at the circulation desk whilst my younger staff watched the interminable, abominable, execrable films.  Vampires DO NOT sparkle! Christmas lights sparkle!

A bit of Intentional Camera Movement. *note the caps