Day 14 – Jewelry

Day 14 - Jewelry

I could bring You Jewels — had I a mind to — by Emily Dickinson

I could bring You Jewels — had I a mind to —
But You have enough — of those —
I could bring You Odors from St. Domingo —
Colors — from Vera Cruz –Berries of the Bahamas — have I —
But this little Blaze
Flickering to itself — in the Meadow —
Suits Me — more than those —

Never a Fellow matched this Topaz —
And his Emerald Swing —
Dower itself — for Bobadilo —
Better — Could I bring?

Today has been a day of distraction.  Sparkly baubles; shiny gold; gleaming silver.  It was hard to ignore the call of the Shiny while I was at work and I “mostly” ignored the temptation.  Mostly.  And when I got home, photo after photo of a plethora of gilt gorgeousness for my eyes to feast one.  I love A365….

Green – Day 3

By the way, green is the assignment today.

By the way, green is the assignment today.

Being Young And Green by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Being Young and Green, I said in love’s despite:
Never in the world will I to living wight
Give over, air my mind
To anyone,
Hang out its ancient secrets in the strong wind
To be shredded and faded—

Oh, me, invaded
And sacked by the wind and the sun!

Day three has been a bit of a challenge for me, time wise; a lot of this and a lot of that and a whole lot of time that just got away from me.  One positive:  I “finally” got my Christmas tree taken down.  3 hours of wrapping ornaments and boxing them up yesterday and today disassembling the tree, wrapping up the branches and winding up the lights.  I love my Christmas tree, but I really love having my front room getting back to normal!

Green Apple

The Apple Tree by Dorothy Parker
When first we saw the apple tree
The boughs were dark and straight,
But never grief to give had we,
Though Spring delayed so late.

When last I came away from there
The boughs were heavy hung,
But little grief had I to spare
For Summer, perished young.

I went on a wander this afternoon, to my favorite little shooting range, Shipshewana.  I am in the middle of opening and editing what I shot, but had to stop to post this one.  I simply like it.  And it is “as is” from the camera other than a scant sharpen.