No Stranger

Chic chic chicory….

Floral shots are too easy, I think.  I know people who will not shoot flowers because they are too easy.  But, flowers have all of that scrumptious color, those sensual shapes and while they are too easy, they are just too wonderful to pass by.


I have spent the better part of a week looking for some chicory to photograph.  It normally “grows like weeds” around here, but for some reason, maybe the drought conditions, it has not been so abundant.  Today on the way to church, I spotted a few stalky stems and the distinctive color of the flower, bookmarked the spot in my mind and headed back out at the wrong time of day to shoot anything outside – 3:00 pm with the sun glaring overhead.  I ended up having to adjust every setting I could adjust on my camera to get a decent shot and some pretty largish curve adjustments in raw.  Stupid girl, you know the optimum hours for shooting!

The sweet peas were a bonus while driving home on the back roads.  I spotted two huge patches of them on each side of the road and, of course, even with the excessively bright sun overhead, I pulled over to get a few shots.  Tomorrow I may post the shots I took a couple of days ago at my auntie’s house – again, flowers.


Yep, flowers are too easy to shoot, but not easy enough to pass by.  I wonder when the Bonneyville dahlias will be blooming?