Day 8 – Three

The tricks of my wonderful son's trade - three bowling balls.

The tricks of my wonderful son’s trade – three bowling balls.

Three Balls by Carl Sandburg

JABOWSKY’S place is on a side street and only the rain washes the dusty three balls.
When I passed the window a month ago, there rested in proud isolation:
A family bible with hasps of brass twisted off, a wooden clock with pendulum gone,
And a porcelain crucifix with the glaze nicked where the left elbow of Jesus is represented.
I passed to-day and they were all there, resting in proud isolation, the clock and the crucifix saying no more and no less than before, and a yellow cat sleeping in a patch of sun alongside the family bible with the hasps off.
Only the rain washes the dusty three balls in front of Jabowsky’s place on a side street.
It has been a trying night full of drama and whatnot.  I am ready for some sleep and for a promise of a new day and no girl teen superiority and angst.  Ack!!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Three

  1. Just getting caught up with you. I love all of your images so far, and the words you put with them (your own as well as the quotes/poems). Perfect day for me to view “Bowling Freak” since tonight is bowling night for me. I joined a Lousy Bowlers League. And yep, I’m lousy. lol! But it’s fun.

    • I bowl like you then, if you are really as lousy as you think you are! I have a hard time getting 100 – watching my son bowl, I am continually wondering how in the world he does it – the wicked curve ball, picking up impossible splits and strike after strike. It just boggles the mind!

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